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I've done this script :



This script does belong to userName.

When I run it from a webbrowser, using the following php script:

$cmd = 'php -f "/pathtomy/programm/whoami.php"';

it output _www ( I'm on a mac ).

I would like the script to output userName, when called from the webbrowser.

Is this possible ? I saw c++ wrapper solution on this forum, but I don't have the time to learn c++ yet, so I wondered if there were other solutions.

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The user the web server is running as (_www) is the user as which any and all scripts will execute. If you want to switch to a different user, you can use su or similar mechanisms to switch users in the command you're executing, but that also means _www will have to have permissions set up to be able to switch to that user. It's also generally a bad idea to execute anything as another user, the web server is specifically running as _www, which should have very very limited permissions on the system, to minimize security breaches.

There's probably a better solution to do what you want to do which does not require you to switch users.

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