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Can anyone suggest me how I can define a custom model name. When I tried to generate a model with name 3AForm it's raising a error.

rails g model 3A_Form date_of_investigation:date date_of_transcription:date by:string                    investigator:string type_of_investigative_activity:text results_of_investigation:text
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That's not going to work, 3A_Form is not a valid class name in Ruby. Perhaps you should try rails g model Form3A ... instead. If you need to connect your model to an existing table with a strange name then you can use table_name in your class:

class Form3A < ActiveRecord::Base
    self.table_name = 'your_weird_table_name'
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Thanks for the help. –  Sandeep Rao Mar 16 '12 at 6:52

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