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I new in Eclipse,Java and Linux. I search about this issue but I don't reach to answer. I want to write a program that manipulate HBase Tables. So I have some Jar files that they related to the HBase. In ordinary Java application I add Jar files through following instruction

Build Path -> Configuration Build Path -> Add External Jars

So in Dynamic Web Project sound like different. after some search I understand the Jar files must be added in WEB-INF/lib or in %TOMCAT_HOME%/lib. so I get answer from %TOMCAT_HOME%/lib but really stuck about how to add jar files in WEB-INF/lib. I copy all jar files in the folders but it doesn't work.

please help me in detail.

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you are doing right....

Build Path -> Configuration Build Path -> Add External Jars

In "Order and Export" tab click on select all...

or coping file into WEB-INF/lib 

Then just refresh your project and restart the server then deploy the project it will work fine...

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according to first it will give an exception at run time –  Achyut Oct 9 '13 at 11:48

You can copy jar files manually to WEB-INF/lib when you have your project open in eclipse, then while modifying build path, just click "add jars" button and refer a jar from WEB-INF/lib . By this when you deploy your project to tomcat, your WEB-INF/lib folder gets copied automatically.

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as Cultor said its right process but you must be refresh project after adding jar files.

Build Path -> Configuration Build Path -> Add External Jars

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