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I have a mkv-file with h264 video and one 5.1 audio track. I would like to have a m4v file with h264 video, down-mixed audio and 5.1 sound using the command line.

I could use sublerCLI to convert to m4v, but it does not transcode the audio.

I could use handbrakeCLI to convert to m4v, but handbrake always transcodes the video as well, which I rather don't want to do.

What tools could I use to do this in an one-stop solution? Or which tools would you use for the individual steps?


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FFmpeg is definitely the go-to option for CLI video processing.

Have a look at the docs, but it sounds like you'll want -codec:v copy -codec:a copy and then some more advanced audio manipulation and stream addition using -map. As FFmpeg has something of a steep learning curve, I'd recommend working out the audio down-mixing first, and then work on adding the extra audio stream.

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