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Where i can find simple tutorial for Activiti Alfresco Workflow (especially with Custom Workflow) ?

I'm new with Alfresco Activiti Worfklow. Thanks.

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I have written a tutorial on using the Activiti workflow engine that is embedded in Alfresco 4 that shows how to create custom workflows. It includes everything you need to know from setting up the workflow using the Activiti Eclipse plug-in to defining your workflow content model and wiring up everything in Spring. It includes basic hello world examples as well as a slightly more complex example that incorporates a custom task listener. The tutorial lives here.

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Maybe google first? :)



I think you can figure it out from here on..

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hi thanks matjaz. yes, i did it (google 1st) and still looking. i've already seen your links before, and also i've bought ebook licensed 'activiti in action'. but there is only 1 chapter regarding alfresco topic (still don't have enough information about custom workflow). –  BantenCity Mar 19 '12 at 1:40
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