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I'm trying to create the following SQL query (as in, this is an example of the final query) :-

DECLARE @SearchQuery AS NVARCHAR(100) = 'yellow bird'

FROM dbo.FooBars
WHERE CONTAINS(Name, N'FORMSOF(Thesaurus, yellow)') 
  AND CONTAINS(Name, N'FORMSOF(Thesaurus, bird)')

Notice how I've got two CONTAINS lines? This is because the search query has two words in it. (a space is the delimiter). This query could be from 1 to n words.

How can I generate this SQL code based upon the number of words in the search query?

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Have you tried just appending AND CONTAINS clauses for each searchword? – Michael Petrotta Jun 10 '09 at 1:49
um.. not sure what you mean. Currently, the above is not dynamic text that is created and then executed. it's sql code in a stored procedure.. ?? – Pure.Krome Jun 10 '09 at 1:54
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You can put the "AND" in the contains itself, so it coud be

select * 
from dbo.FooBars
where contains(Name, 'FORMSOF(Thesaurus, yellow) AND FORMSOF(Thesaurus, bird)')

with the string 'FORMSOF(Thesaurus, yellow) AND FORMSOF(Thesaurus, bird)' built up into a variable like

declare @searchCriteria varchar(200)
set @searchCriteria = 'Some string you built up'
select * 
from dbo.FooBars
where contains(Name, @searchCriteria)
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Winnah. Wikid. cheers mate :) – Pure.Krome Jun 10 '09 at 2:08

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