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Am using formtastics in Active Admin gem Everything is working find except one thing that am passing it list to be checked/selected on check boxes list but not working.. So kindly help me in this regard. Thanks..

I tried this in Simple form Its working fine over there but not in Formtastic.

<%= f.input :surgery_type_procedures, :label=>false,:as=>:check_boxes,:required=>false,:collection => st.surgery_type_procedures.all.collect!{ |p| [p.to_s, p.id] },:checked=>@surgery_type_procedures %>

<%= f.input :surgery_type_procedures, :label=>false,:as=>:check_boxes,:required=>false,:collection => st.surgery_type_procedures.all.collect!{ |p| [p.to_s, p.id] },:selected=>@surgery_type_procedures %>

Didn't Select Any check_box out which are in "@surgery_type_procedures" so kindly tell me is formtastic support checked or uncheck option??/

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what is your real problem ? What you have ? –  shingara Mar 16 '12 at 9:38
Now i have updated Question Hope now u understand my problem.. –  Syed Raza Mar 16 '12 at 9:54

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<%= f.input :column_name, :input_html => {:checked => 'checked'} %>
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Change p.id to p.id.to_s and remove checked/selected key. It should be works.

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