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Since I've started programming in Rails 5 days ago. I'm learning very many aspects of the framework by seeing its behaviour around my tests, the answers were perfect but this time I've got this one and I dont know what to do with it: The message that I've got is this one...

undefined method `task_task_task_task_task_path' for #<#:0x36df6c8>

This is my view:

<%= form_for @tasks do |t| %>
<div id="task_list">
<% @tasks.each do |task| %>
  <li id="task">
  <% if task.done == false %> 
    <%= t.check_box :done, :checked => task.done, :checked_value => true, :unchecked_value => false %>  <%= task.name %>
  <% else %>
    <%= t.check_box :done, :checked => task.done, :checked_value => true, :unchecked_value => false, :disabled => "disabled" %>  <%= task.name + "(done)" %>
  <% end %> 

<% end %>
<%= t.submit "Mark selected as done", :action => "update" %>
<% end %>

I've already checked the form and submit documentation many times but I can't get it. This form is for many instances and update every instance with a new boolean value.

Thanks already.

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Rails isn't expecting you to use form_for like that - it's expecting to be passed a (possibly namespaces) single record –  Frederick Cheung Mar 16 '12 at 7:42

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You can't magically submit an array of data to a server, Rails form helpers are for individual objects, not for collections.

There are ways, however, to submit an array of values back to the server,for example you can append [] to checkbox name attribute, this will force rails to create an array of values on server side.

For a detailed discussion, please see this documentation point 7.1

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