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I have a repo in my VCS called CodingStandards. In it is a checkstyle.xml file along with findbugs.xml and it will no doubt grow in the future.

What I want to do is in my project FunkyApp is pull CodingStandards into the project and maintain the link to CodingStandards so that if I change it, I can pull & update in my FunkyApp.

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Subrepositories are what you are looking for.

However they forces you to have these files in a subdirectory of your project. There's no way to add juste one file to a repository from another.

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Thanks for this answer and for introducing me to subrepositories. In this case, they're not exactly what I wanted, but will be useful in the future. –  John Oxley Mar 16 '12 at 7:55
If you are not looking for a "bidirectionnal" link, then your solution is better. But you can run in troubles if you update your two files in the FunkyApp repositories, the pull & merge process will be harder. –  krtek Mar 16 '12 at 8:04
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First of all setup the CodingStandards repo in .hg/hgrc to make life easier

default = https://url/FunkyApp
standards = https://url/CodingStandards

Then you can force pull into your repository

hg pull -f standards

This will create two heads in your repo that need to be merged with hg merge and then committed into your main repo.

To be clear CodingStandards will be unchanged. FunkyApp will have all the files from CodingStandards imported in it. Anyone else who clones FunkyApp will get the files without knowing about CodingStandards.

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