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I'm having TLS problems when executing stuff I compiled with VS11 (2.0/4.0 profiles) using mono 2.10.8 on Arch Linux:

"Error getting response stream (Write: The authentication or decryption has failed.): SendFailure"

Sometimes even:

"Error getting response stream (Write: BeginWrite failure): SendFailure" (very rarely so)

The curious thing about it is that it works in an Arch Linux VM but not on the actual server it is supposed to run on (which runs Arch Linux, too). I ran the same certmgr imports on both (with/without --machine), also tried mozroot and I'm using the same binaries/same configuration. I even use the ServicePointManager.ServerCertificateValidationCallback hack (available at http://www.mono-project.com/UsingTrustedRootsRespectfully#Approach_.23-1:_Actively_ignore_security_concerns_.3D) now and it does get a validator callback and always returns true but the exception won't go away.

I'm baffled by how the same binaries work in the VM on the same distro with the same versoin of mono. I already tried to strace -e open this stuff to see if it loads different files but nothing caught my attention. I don't even understand how that error can install occur after you mess with the ServicePointManager. I thought it was supposed to completely ignore certificate issues after that.

I also tried strace -e open certmgr to see where it stores this stuff. Apparently it's in ~/.config/.mono/certs/AddressBook/ and the folder contents are identical in the VM and on the server so that doesn't appear to be the issue either.

Any ideas how I could pinpoint the cause of this problem?


After removing the global certificate store and the local one and starting from scratch, it appears to work in the VM right away after only importing the specific certificates required. Doing the same on the server shockingly works sometimes but fails most of the time.

i.e. the bug occurs randomly. I am beginning to suspect that this might not be as simple as I thought.

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I have no idea what might be going on, but you can get a list of all the exceptions thrown and their stack traces by executing mono like this: mono --trace=E:all <yourprogram.exe>. This may help you track it down (at least you'll easily find out where the exceptions are thrown). –  Rolf Bjarne Kvinge Mar 16 '12 at 9:38
Well, I already know where it's from anyways, I just don't know what's wrong. I ran it anyways and it was where I expected it: "<unnamed thread>" tid=0x0x7fe34e890700 this=0x0x7fe34eb3cd68 thread handle 0x40d state : not waiting owns () at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.EndGetRequestStream (System.IAsyncResult) <0x0010f> at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetRequestStream () <0x000c7> at LibOfLegends.AuthService.Authenticate (string,string) <0x002fb> [0x7fe34df10700:] EXCEPTION handling: System.Net.WebException: Error writing request: The authentication or decryption has failed –  Kaafir Mar 16 '12 at 9:55

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