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I going to test the class method which get the integer as parameter:

def step(response)
   if response < 10

I create cucumber scenario:

Scenario Outline: submit guess
    Given the code "<code>"
    When I response "<answer>"
    Then the result should be "<result>"

    Scenarios: level one
    | code | answer | result |
    |   1  |    2   |    3   |
    |   5  |    4   |    9   |

And the step difinitions:

When /^I response "([^"]*)"$/ do  | response |
  @result = @game.step(response)

When I'm running the test I get error, because the cucumber pass the parameter to my method as String.

How can I fix it?

I can fix the class method code:

def step(response)
   response = response.to_i
   if response < 10

but it will break all my existing code.

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Cucumber always pass string parameters to your step definitions and it is step definition responsibility to convert parameter to appropriate type. You need to do this:

When /^I response "([^"]*)"$/ do  | response |
  @result = @game.step(response.to_i)
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Thanks. Shame for me. – demas Mar 16 '12 at 8:56

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