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I have a Facebook Application in order to manage comments on my web page, allowing for moderation, etc.

I also have a Facebook Page, for the same brand.

Is there anyway of having an Administrator list that is shared between these two objects? So that I can add and remove users from one and they would get/lose access to the other?

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There's no way to do this automatically, but you can:

  • Have a trusted user (admin of the page and app) grant manage_pages permission to [your/an] app
  • Get the page access token for managing the page - see "Page Login" on this document
  • Retrieve a list of the other page admins from /PAGE_ID/admins
  • Use the App Access Token to add those users as developers/admins/etc of the App by posting to the Application's 'Roles' connection
  • Those users will receive (and must accept) a request to become an admin/developer/etc of the app

Caveat: the users you try to add to the app must be verified accounts (via SMS or credit card) or they can't be ad admin or developer of the app

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Thanks Igy. Sounds more complex than I was hoping for, but it does sound like the only way to do it presently. –  Tom Spence Mar 29 '12 at 8:57

I'm NOT sure about this, but I never saw such thing available. Probably you'll have to integrate an application to your page that works on this

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