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We are using IBM Web Experience Factory 7.0.1 for our project. In one of the models we are connecting to a WSDL based service. For that we are using Web Service Multiple Operation Builder. I have enabled testing support for the builder. But when I am testing by launching the model and try to invoke any methods I get the follwing error:

An error has occurred. The error message returned was: "Error in method sd_WSMultiOpServicesGetOrdersGotoOperation. Error in method sd_WSMultiOpServicesGetOrders_ShowResults. Error in method getOrdersExecute. Error in method getOrders.invoke. Error in method getOrders.invokeInternal. (404)Not Found".

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Both of the Web Experience Factory (WEF) Web Service builders have an advanced input (checkbox) to tell them to log the requests and responses they're making/getting back. Check that checkbox then save the model and run it again (redeploy if not auto-synching the project to the deployed WAR). Then when you run the action that hits the web service, it should log additional debugging info into the deployed WAR's WEB-INF/logs folder in debugTracing.txt. That should tell you what URL it's trying to hit with the web service that you're receiving the 404 error back from.

I hope that info helps, ..Mike Burati The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the positions, strategies, or opinions of IBM.

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