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I have a little problem I am trying to use MartkItUp JQuery rich text editor on JSF textarea component. My form looks like this:

 <h:form id="comment">
    <h:inputTextarea id="commentBody" cols="10" rows="10" value="#{postComment.commentBody}" required="true" requiredMessage="Comment Body is reqguired" >
      <f:validateLength maximum="500" minimum="2" />
                <%-- more of the form... %-->

The problem is that on output it gives me the id for textarea like that


When I try in JQuery to point to it nothing happens.


I had a plain textarea before, and there was no problem. Now, I have a lot of them.

How do I point to id in JQuery, thats looks like comment:commentBody

P.S: I know i can point to this text area by $('textarea').markItUp(mySettings); however i am looking for solution to point to specific text area by it's ID.

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Try this, $('#comment\\:commentBody'), for JQuery version 1.1.3 or greater.

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It's worked well. Thanks – Dmitris Jun 10 '09 at 3:55

try this:


this will select text area having ID ending with commentBody.

to select control with ID starting with particular string replace $ with ^

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Got an error when was trying to use your method. But either way, thanks for trying to help – Dmitris Jun 10 '09 at 3:56

You can read about JSF IDs here, but in this case you may also find the h:form prependId attribute useful.

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Exemplary work. +1 – Adeel Ansari Jun 11 '09 at 1:58

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