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I have attached some screen dumps in the Javadoc comments of some of my Swing classes and I would like them to be visible when hovering the mouse over the class name.

* The panel containing so and so... <br>
* <img src="../doc-files/ThisPanel.png" width=200><br>

As there is little text in the description, the initial size of the popup is very small and it must be resized to view the whole image.

Is there a way to have the popup contain the image or at least define its initial dimensions?

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Ive never found options for setting default sizes for Javadoc hovers. You can always use the Javadoc view though in Window > Show View > Javadoc. You can set this size and the Javadoc of the highlighted code will be shown in here.

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This is what I actually ended up using. However, for large images, the view must still be resized or maximized, so it gives no real advantage in this case. –  derio Aug 13 '12 at 10:13
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