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I'm student with EXTJS4..

First, Please see this code.. This is My Ext.Img Item..

 var paddleItem = {
    xtype     : 'image',
    src       : "lib/Image/Paddle.png",
    x         : 0,
    y         : 0,
    draggable : true,
    index     : 0,
    id        : 'paddleItem',
    name      : 'Paddle',
    width     : 100,
    height    : 100,
    listeners : {
        dblclick : {
            element : 'el',
            fn : function(){
        click : {
            element : 'el',
            fn : function(e,t,eOpts) {
                propertyForm.items.items[0].setValue('This is My Text');

When Click This Item, I wanna Get the this Item's Property(e.g. paddleItem.x, paddleItem.index)

But, There Click's param 't' is HTML Element.

So, I think.. 'I get the Item from HTML Element'

But I don't know how to get...

What can i do for this Problem?

Sorry to My fool English..

If you can't UnderStand, Please Comment to me..


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First of all see what's the scope of handlers you're creating. Add the following code before alert function:


And check browser console to see what object is being reported.

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