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i have table named as contacts which has nearly 1.2 million records we use MyIsam engine whenever we query this table mysql hangs down so now we are trying our hands with Innodb engine so that if it slows down , but it will not hang up for others

so we want make fast with Myisam we tried many indexes on this table but it goes down and hangs the system

what should be done to make it more faster and it should not hang up the system

this is table


CREATE TABLE contacts ( id varchar(36) NOT NULL, deleted tinyint(1) NOT NULL default '0', date_entered datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00', date_modified datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00', modified_user_id varchar(36) default NULL, assigned_user_id varchar(36) default NULL, created_by varchar(36) default NULL, team_id varchar(36) default NULL, salutation varchar(5) default NULL, first_name varchar(100) default '', last_name varchar(100) default '', username varchar(25) default '', lead_source varchar(100) default NULL, title varchar(50) default NULL, department varchar(100) default NULL, reports_to_id varchar(36) default NULL, birthdate date default NULL, do_not_call char(3) default '0', phone_home varchar(25) default NULL, phone_mobile varchar(25) default NULL, phone_work varchar(25) default '', phone_other varchar(25) default NULL, phone_fax varchar(25) default '', email1 varchar(100) default '', email2 varchar(100) default NULL, assistant varchar(75) default NULL, assistant_phone varchar(25) default NULL, email_opt_out char(3) default 'off', primary_address_street varchar(150) default NULL, primary_address_city varchar(100) default NULL, primary_address_state varchar(100) default NULL, primary_address_postalcode varchar(20) default NULL, primary_address_country varchar(100) default NULL, alt_address_street varchar(150) default NULL, alt_address_city varchar(100) default NULL, alt_address_state varchar(100) default NULL, alt_address_postalcode varchar(20) default NULL, alt_address_country varchar(100) default NULL, description text, portal_name varchar(255) default NULL, portal_active tinyint(1) NOT NULL default '0', portal_app varchar(255) default NULL, salesforceid varchar(36) default NULL, phone_direct varchar(25) default NULL, invalid_email tinyint(1) default '0', parent_is_lead char(3) default 'no', advisory_board_member varchar(25) default NULL, direct_marketing varchar(25) default NULL, efx_id varchar(36) default NULL, fax_opt_out char(3) default 'off', ppc_keyword varchar(50) default NULL, status varchar(25) default NULL, web_form varchar(50) default NULL, efx_export_date datetime default NULL, bmtn varchar(225) default '', employee_location varchar(50) default NULL, pronunciation varchar(250) default NULL, duplicate_of varchar(36) default NULL, job_category varchar(50) default NULL, last_ska_upload_key varchar(50) default NULL, persid varchar(36) default NULL, last_web_upload_key varchar(50) default NULL, last_webinar_upload_key varchar(50) default NULL, primary_address_latitude float default NULL, primary_address_longitude float default NULL, first_name_soundex varchar(30) default NULL, last_name_soundex varchar(30) default NULL, primary_address_street_soundex varchar(30) default NULL, campaign_id varchar(36) default NULL, portal_password varchar(32) default NULL, pss_branch varchar(40) default NULL, pss_id int(12) default NULL, source_detail varchar(100) default NULL, source varchar(100) default NULL, pss_region varchar(30) default NULL, source_added datetime default NULL, terminated_user char(3) default 'off', invite_opt_out char(3) default 'off', newsletter_opt_out char(3) default 'off', stream_opt_out char(3) default 'off', PRIMARY KEY (id), KEY idx_contacts_del_last (deleted,last_name), KEY idx_cont_del_reports (deleted,reports_to_id,last_name), KEY idx_contact_del_team (deleted,team_id), KEY idx_contact_salesforceid (salesforceid), KEY idx_contacts_username (username), KEY idx_email_opt_out (email_opt_out), KEY idx_primary_address_street (primary_address_street), KEY idx_primary_address_city (primary_address_city), KEY idx_primary_address_state (primary_address_state), KEY idx_primary_address_postalcode (primary_address_postalcode), KEY idx_primary_address_country (primary_address_country), KEY idx_modified_user_id (modified_user_id), KEY idx_assigned_user_id (assigned_user_id), KEY idx_created_by (created_by), KEY idx_team_id (team_id), KEY idx_reports_to_id (reports_to_id), KEY idx_contacts_efx_id (efx_id), KEY idx_contacts_title1 (title,deleted), KEY idx_contacts_email1 (email1), KEY idx_contacts_email2 (email2), KEY idx_contacts_job_category (job_category), KEY idx_contacts_first_name_sdx (first_name_soundex), KEY idx_contacts_primary_street_sdx (primary_address_street_soundex), KEY idx_contacts_last_name_sdx (last_name_soundex), KEY idx_contacts_portal_name (portal_name), KEY idx_contacts_portal_active (portal_active), KEY idx_contacts_del_last_first (deleted,last_name,first_name), KEY idx_contacts_del_first (deleted,first_name), KEY idx_pss_id (pss_id), KEY idx_phone_work_last_name_first_name_deleted (phone_work,last_name,first_name,deleted), KEY idx_phone_work_last_name_first_name_deleted_sdx (phone_work,last_name_soundex,first_name_soundex,deleted), KEY idx_email1_last_name_first_name_deleted (email1,last_name,first_name,deleted), KEY idx_email1_last_name_first_name_deleted_sdx (email1,last_name_soundex,first_name_soundex,deleted), KEY idx_phone_fax_last_name_first_name_deleted (phone_fax,last_name,first_name,deleted), KEY idx_phone_fax_last_name_first_name_deleted_sdx (phone_fax,last_name_soundex,first_name_soundex,deleted), KEY idx_phone_work_last_name_deleted (phone_work,last_name,deleted), KEY idx_phone_work_last_name_deleted_sdx (phone_work,last_name_soundex,deleted), KEY idx_email1_last_name_deleted (email1,last_name,deleted), KEY idx_email1_last_name_deleted_sdx (email1,last_name_soundex,deleted), KEY idx_phone_fax_last_name_deleted (phone_fax,last_name,deleted), KEY idx_phone_fax_last_name_deleted_sdx (phone_fax,last_name_soundex,deleted), KEY idx_email1_first_name_deleted (email1,first_name,deleted), KEY idx_email1_first_name_deleted_sdx (email1,first_name_soundex,deleted), KEY idx_phone_fax_first_name_deleted (phone_fax,first_name,deleted), KEY idx_phone_fax_first_name_deleted_sdx (phone_fax,first_name_soundex,deleted), KEY idx_email1_deleted (email1,deleted), KEY idx_last_name_first_name_deleted_sdx (last_name_soundex,first_name_soundex,deleted), KEY idx_phone_mobile_deleted (phone_mobile,deleted,id), KEY idx_first_name_bmtn (first_name,bmtn), KEY idx_first_name_bmtn_email1 (first_name,bmtn,email1), KEY idx_bmtn_email1 (bmtn,email1), KEY idx_deleted (deleted) ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;

SELECT acc.id, acc.name, con_reports_to.first_name, con_reports_to.last_name from contacts left join accounts_contacts a_c on a_c.contact_id = '9802f40d-78bb-8dd4-dfaa-43f1064ccd5e' and a_c.deleted=0 left join accounts acc on a_c.account_id = acc.id and acc.deleted=0 left join contacts con_reports_to on con_reports_to.id = contacts.reports_to_id where contacts.id = '9802f40d-78bb-8dd4-dfaa-43f1064ccd5e'

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write efficient queries and determine the right indexes? –  Mitch Wheat Jun 10 '09 at 3:16
Could you describe your hardware setup... –  Mitch Wheat Jun 10 '09 at 3:22
linux suse server box with 4GB ram 60 gb partition for DB mysql 5.1 and apache 1.33 –  maxjackie Jun 10 '09 at 3:50
Give your query, and we can suggest an alternative index. There is an option for logging slow queries, checkout dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/slow-query-log.html . –  J-16 SDiZ Jun 11 '09 at 15:59
Could you provide an example query that fails? –  0scar Jun 11 '09 at 16:02

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I suspect the assertion "whenever we query this table mysql hangs down" is an overbid -- for example, with MyISAM, SELECT COUNT(*) FROM TheTable should be very fast, essentially "no matter what". Sure, some queries will be slow -- especially if the table is not indexed properly for the queries, or if MySQL's alleged optimizer is picking the wrong strategy (but you could give it hints).

Why don't you show us the CREATE TABLE (including indices), a couple of the queries that take too long, ideally a precise measure of how long they take, and the output of EXPLAIN SELECT (&c) for those couple queries -- I bet we could really be of some help then!

Edit: the CREATE TABLE essentially shows that the table is just too "broad" -- far too many columns -- to expect decent performance (even though no queries were shown). The schema needs a redesign, breaking up chunks of this huge monolithic table (e.g., the address-related information) into other auxiliary tables. Exactly how to best do it depends entirely on the queries that are most important to optimize, so, not knowing the queries in question, I'm not even going to attempt the task.

Edit again: so the query has been posted and uses other tables, accounts and account_contacts, as well as the hugely broad contacts one described; the query as posted (trying to make sense of it by formatting &c) is:

SELECT acc.id, acc.name, con_reports_to.first_name, con_reports_to.last_name
FROM contacts 
LEFT JOIN accounts_contacts a_c 
          ON a_c.contact_id = '9802f40d-78bb-8dd4-dfaa-43f1064ccd5e' AND
LEFT JOIN accounts acc 
          ON a_c.account_id = acc.id AND 
LEFT JOIN contacts con_reports_to 
          ON con_reports_to.id = contacts.reports_to_id
WHERE contacts.id = '9802f40d-78bb-8dd4-dfaa-43f1064ccd5e'

Why the LEFT JOINs here instead of normal INNER joins? Is it possible in each case that there's no corresponding row on the right-hand-side table? For example, if there's no line in a_c with the given values for contact_id and deleted, then all the fields of a_c in the first LEFT JOIN will be NULL, so there can be no correspondence for acc either: is it important to emit NULL, NULL as the first two columns in this case? Moreover the JOIN conditions for a_c an acc make no reference at all to contacts, so this will be a cartesian product: every line selected from acc, if any, will pair up with every line selected from con_reports_to. So the a_c/acc query could be entirely separated from the one on contacts and con_reports, presumably ligthtening the query considerably (the two logically separate results could of course easily be put together again in the client).

What does EXPLAIN SELECT say for this complex query and what does it say for the two lighter-weight separate ones I'm suggesting? What indices are on the accounts and account_contact tables?

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hi i have added the create table statement –  maxjackie Jun 11 '09 at 14:11
added the query as well –  maxjackie Jun 11 '09 at 16:18

horizontal splitting? though i guess 1.2 million records are not that much to introduce horizontal splitting.. try to locate the bottom neck... also the problem may lie with your hardware as well for example harddisk almost full etc.

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no i think 15 GB database size and harddisk of 60 GB –  maxjackie Jun 10 '09 at 3:22

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