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Actually i am new in android. I want to create an simple app that is able to run in all devices. The screen resolution i have selected for running my app are.

  1. QVGA (240 x 320)

  2. HVGA (320 x 480)

  3. WVGA(800) (480 x 800)

  4. WXGA720 (720 x 1280)

  5. WXGA(800) (1280 x 800)

Now i am not able to determine the name of the resources folder for all these different resolution. I have through the documentation i.e support multiple screen but i not able to create resources folder for WXGA720 (720 x 1280) and WXGA(800) (1280 x 800).

So please anyone suggest me what are the resources folder i have to create for all these resolution.

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You usually create resource folders for the various density and size buckets, not for the specific resolutions. Normally applications only need a couple of different layouts (e.g: phone/tablet)

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can you please explain me in detail\ –  Rahul Mar 16 '12 at 11:40
What kind of application are you trying to develop? A game/highly graphical one or a "normal" one? What you normally do is to specify layouts in a way that will make them automatically adjust to the users' phones –  miniBill Mar 16 '12 at 13:58
To help you target some of your designs for different types of devices, here are some numbers for typical screen widths:

    320dp: a typical phone screen (240x320 ldpi, 320x480 mdpi, 480x800 hdpi, etc).
    480dp: a tweener tablet like the Streak (480x800 mdpi).
    600dp: a 7” tablet (600x1024 mdpi).
    720dp: a 10” tablet (720x1280 mdpi, 800x1280 mdpi, etc).

For other cases in which you want to further customize your UI to differentiate between sizes such as 7” and 10” tablets, you can define additional smallest width layouts:

    res/layout/main_activity.xml # For handsets (smaller than 600dp available width)
    res/layout-sw600dp/main_activity.xml # For 7” tablets (600dp wide and bigger)
    res/layout-sw720dp/main_activity.xml # For 10” tablets (720dp wide and bigger)
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Remember to always define your layout meassurements in dp units. I have written a blog post to help you scale your layout xml-files proportionally so you only have to define them for a single "density bucket".


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