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I'm using a WCF data Service to access a MSSQL database. If the client requests data (e.g. from the table "Projects") i build my cache like this:

var collection = new ObservableCollection<Project>();
foreach (var project in this.Entities.Project)

return collection;

If I want to refresh the list I just call


and call the above method again. If I edit a project and refresh the list as described above it works fine, but if i change the data on one client instance and refresh the list on another one the service doesn't load the changed project.

How can I force the DataService to re- load a whole entity (e.g. "Projects") even if from the service's point of view nothing has changed?

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Possible solution:

public partial class Entities
    public void RefreshProject(Project pr)
        pr = this.Project.Where(p => p.Id == pr.Id).Single();



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I'm done with the project, I solved the problem some other way. Nevertheless this might be a working solution to the problem, so I will accept your answer. – BoltzmannBrain Jun 30 '12 at 13:43

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