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The data returned in the following format:

in the controller

[User] => Array
        [first_name] => Vikas

        [last_name] => tyagi

        [phone_no] => 0234

        [mobile_no] => 0

        [location_id] => 1

        [state_id] => 2

and i have table locations

           field      id        location_name

           value       1        chandigarh

i want to fire that query

select location_name from locations where location_id=1;

how can i do it in cake php

thanks in advance

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Two ways, one is simpler but more tedious, the other requires a setup but easier to use in the future.

First way:

$locationName = $this->Location->field('location_name', array('id' => $user['User']['location_id']));

Second way:

Setup a belongsTo relationship in your User model and hasOne in your Location model

public $belongsTo = array('Location');

public $hasOne = array('User');

This way, whenever you do a ->find() from your user model, the Location info would also be returned.


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thanks for reply Mr andreas, i try with it –  vikas Mar 16 '12 at 10:40

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