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I want to implement a Video Chatting app on Android . I created a SurfaceView , get Camera preview and captured the frame as a byte[ ] using Camera.PreviewCallback.onPreviewFrame( ) method . Now I want to encode that byte[ ] to a h263 frame , pass over the network . Also get similar type of frame over network , decode it to a byte[ ] ( or a displayable format ) , and show it in a View . I want to do it at least 15 FPS rate . I am asking help for the encoding/decoding part .

For that purpose , which library would be suitable for me ? From where I should start ? Is my starting point wrong ? Is there any support on SDK or would I have to use NDK ? I have heard about FFMpeg/x264 library , but I could not figure out how I can use them in my purpose . It's highly appreciated If you name any library , any reference , learning path , link or code snippet . Can you help me saying any workflow I should follow ? What if I want to use h264 encoding ? I just want to get it done , GPL/LGPL license of library would not matter a lot .

I am a beginner in Android development . Any kind of assistance would be highly appreciated . Thanks in advance .

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Is H264 codec a requirement? Google has royalty-free VP8 encoder which is easy to use on Android. – Aki Apr 23 '13 at 14:33

Use VLC's x264 for that,it would be a better option.....

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You can try javacv, which is a wrapper for ffmpeg, and there is also an example RecordActivity to refer.

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