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What I want do do is to provide a ISO 3166-1 country code and retrive the name of that country in the current locale. For those of you who are familiar with iPhone, I have an an example of exactly what I want to do:

NSLocale* currentLocale = [NSLocale currentLocale];
NSString* countryName = [currentLocale displayNameForKey:NSLocaleCountryCode value:@"NO"];

In this case the variable countryName would contain "Norway" given the iPhone was running in an english locale.
What I have understood so far is that to get the current locale in the Android SDK by a simple static method of the Locale class.

Locale currentLocale = Locale.getDefault();

But Im stuck here...

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Locale l = new Locale("en", "NO");
String norway = l.getDisplayCountry();

works for me. Just replace "NO" by the country you want and it should give you the name in your current default locale. The "en" is just there to fill in some language but it should not matter which you use (At least I hope that works for all combinations - have not tested them all)

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Thanks, you could also just omit the language and get the correct result. So new Locale("", "NO").getDisplayCountry() would render the correct result aswell. – A. Tapper Mar 16 '12 at 10:54
ah that's even better – zapl Mar 16 '12 at 11:00
Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks. – nobre Aug 17 '12 at 18:06

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