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Ok, I have a hot observable (a subject in this case)

var subject = new Rx.Subject();

I want to create another observable that every time a new subscriptions is being made immediately fires out the last value that was produced.

So in pseudo code:

var myObservableWithLastValue = subject.publishLast();

    console.log(x); //should write 3

    console.log(x); //should write 3, too


    console.log(x); //should write 4

I know there is an operator called PublishLast but I just can't figure out myself how to use it correctly. I also know once there was an operator called Prune that might be a good fit but this seems to be gone :-(


This is roughly what I want and it seems to work. However, I guess there must be some built in mechanism to achieve the same

Rx.Observable.prototype.keepLatest = function () {
    var latestValue;

    var disposable = this.subscribe(function (value) {
        latestValue = value;

    return Rx.Observable.create(function (observer) {
        return disposable.dispose;
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There is something which does what you're looking for. It's called BehaviorSubject

There's a fairly good explanation on the page.

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Ok, but is there no built in operator that takes an existing stream and applies the sketched behaviour? –  Christoph Mar 16 '12 at 19:19
@Christoph Have you tried swapping your ordinary subject for a BehaviorSubject? –  Asti Mar 16 '12 at 22:30
I'm not dealing with subjects directly. This was just to illustrate the behaviour better. I want an operator that applies on any hot infinite stream. –  Christoph Mar 16 '12 at 22:48
Subjects implement both IObserver<T> and IObservable<T>. You should be able to get the behaviour subject to subscribe to your IObservable and then in turn Subscribe to the BehaviorSubject –  Dave Hillier Jul 31 '12 at 19:23

RxJs now has the ReplaySubject. Initialize if with 1 buffer and you have the BehaviorSubject.

var xs = new Rx.ReplaySubject(1);

// still no one listening

xs.subscribe(Rx.Observer.create(function(x) {console.log(x);}));
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