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I have a form which displays a column named A_JobNo(e.g. value: "E1Y4000") from a table in a textbox.There is an input mask applied to this texbox: >L-0A-0000 which makes the value appear like "E-1Y-4000" on the form. Now, I need a textbox/combobox for users to enter a value in it so that the form is filtered based on that value. What I am not able to understand is how do I apply filter as the value entered by users can be in any format.How do I search the record for the input or how to put any delimiter so that the value can be filtered?

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Just to get that straight: You want the input the user types into a text-box to be in the right format? If so one way could be to set 'input format' in the field properties, access has a few examples there. If you want to use VBA for this, regular expressions would be the way to go. –  Christian Mar 16 '12 at 18:27
Okay.Suppose I am using an input mask for the same but then how do I de-format the value in the textbox so that I can lookup for the value in the recordset/query and filter records? –  user1175126 Mar 17 '12 at 5:04

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