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I'm trying to test my Jenkins Ruby plugin with RSpec.
My emailcomputerlistener.rb:

require 'net/smtp'
class EmailComputerListener
  include Jenkins::Slaves::ComputerListener
  def online(computer, listener)

My emailcomputerlistener_spec.rb

require 'emailcomputerlistener'
require 'computer' # overloaded class for computer
require 'smtp'     # overloaded smtp class
require 'computerlistener' # required?

describe EmailComputerListener do
  before :each do
    @ecl =

When running RSpec, it says:

NameError: uninitialized constant EmailComputerListener::Jenkins
[row 3]

All files are in the same directory, I have been running my tests on a separate emailcomputerlistener with the include statement commented out to make the tests pass. But it would be better to test the original file obviously.

Edit: The test do not rely on Jenkins::Slaves::ComputerListener, nor should they, ComputerListener is defined in a gem I'm bundling my plugin with. All I'm trying to do is simulating this file, I cannot add a require 'computerlistener' in EmailComputerListener since doing so would probably break the plugin.


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Det där lägger du av med, direkt! – JonatanEkstedt Mar 16 '12 at 11:58
Kan stolt meddela att du blivit tilldelad en down vote av mig :) – JonatanEkstedt May 30 '12 at 10:25

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since you removed the stacktrace i need to guess that the error is coming from line 3 in your EmailComputerListener:

include Jenkins::Slaves::ComputerListener

i also conclude that this is defined in your computerlistener.rb file which you require in your spec.

there are several bad things about this setup:

  • you should match your classes with your files:

EmailComputerListener => email_computer_listener.rb

  • you should match your directory structure with your modules:

Jenkins::Slaves::ComputerListener => jenkins/slaves/computer_listener.rb

  • you should require the files where they are used or at the root

so require 'jenkins/slaves/computer_listener' should go at the top of your scripts root file. in your case to email_computer_listener.rb.

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