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If I was creating an entity with a non-optional string attribute called, say, "name", I would put "Untitled" as the default. How could I localise this default value?

I could subclass the entity and and use NSLocalizedString in awakeFromInsert to do this. But I was wondering if there was another way.


If this is the only way, then I'm fine with it. Just curious.

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You can try using -[NSEntityDescription attributesByName]. This will give you back an NSDictionary of NSAttributeDescription objects. You can then pull the one you want and use -[NSAttributeDescription setDefaultValue:] on it.

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You can localize most aspects of a managed object model, including entity and property names and error messages. See here:

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Thanks, but I'd already seen that. But that doesn't show how to localise the default value for a property. In my example it would be localising "name" rather than "Untitled" – Abizern Jun 11 '09 at 15:44

Maybe you can localize the default values in your model (.mom file) and put the model files in the appropiate .lproj resource folders?

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I think awakeFromInsert is the only way

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