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I m doing an app in CakePHP, JQuery and Mysql. In my homepage I am listing all my form names. When I click on a form name, it will show the form. Within that view, I have code that looks like this

<?php echo $form->input($r['Attribute']['label'], array(
                           'style"=width:' => $r['Attribute']['size']

to generate a textbox with the label that I got it from $r['Attribute']['label'] and to keep the width of it using that style. However, the width is not working.

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This should do it:

    echo $form->input($r['Attribute']['label'], array('type'=>'text','style' => 'width:' . $r['Attribute']['size'] . 'px'));

Two things: Your array key->value pairing was messed up, and you need to give units to the width. I assumed that want you wanted to give it was a width in pixels, but if you just want to set the size of the input field you can do this:

    echo $form->input($r['Attribute']['label'], array('type'=>'text', 'size' => $r['Attribute']['size']));
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I want to set width for my textbox ..This size doesnt show difference.. – Jasmine Jun 10 '09 at 4:17
Er, what does it do? I just tested the first one and it works fine. – Paolo Bergantino Jun 10 '09 at 4:51
Ya Its working ..Sorry i tried it with second one.. – Jasmine Jun 10 '09 at 4:56

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