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The Blackberry App World is telling me that :

Release does not specify a English(en) bundle for device '8705g (Min. OS 6.0.0)'.

I have made the zip , and upload all .cod files well . But i don't know if i have forgotten some file i must make (releases.xml done too) .

The problem comes when i'm trying to submit an spanish bundle .

You can see it here :

enter image description here

Any idea?

Thanks for reading.

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i m not getting exactly (spanish bundle) that How this happen but don't need to add release.xml file. just take .cod & .jad fine and make zip and upload it with langauge English(en).

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I have got it , i must have rename the .cod package into blablabla_en.cod and blablabla_es.cod in 2 bundles.

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