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i have a classifier column that can have value of X or Y. my select query has to filter by date taking into account if the column has x or y.

date BETWEEN i.valid_fromX AND i.valid_toX 
date BETWEEN i.valid_fromY AND i.valid_toY 

basically need sql for:

if classifier == X {
check if date is between valid_fromX to valid_toX
}   else if classifier == Y {
check if date is between valid_fromY to valid_toY
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You can do that with regular and/or logic. This example searches for January if classifier equals X, and for February if classifier equals Y:

where  classifier = 'X' and date between '2012-01-01' and '2012-02-01'
       classifier = 'Y' and date between '2012-02-01' and '2012-03-01'
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Damn, beat me by 20 seconds! –  Bridge Mar 16 '12 at 11:44
Why no brackets just in case? –  Ben Mar 16 '12 at 13:49
WHERE  ( classifier = 'X' AND [date] BETWEEN valid_fromX AND valid_toX )
        OR ( classifier = 'Y' AND [date] BETWEEN valid_fromY AND valid_toY )
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A minor variant:

where date between 
           case classifier when 'X' then valid_fromX when 'Y' then valid_fromY end 
           and case classifier when 'X' then valid_toX when 'Y' then valid_toY end
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