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I want to open Skype or Gtalk in iPhone's webview by just using a URL. Similar to something like the URL Scheme's provided by Apple for opening Apple Mail mailTo:// , messaging API sms://, telephone tel:// and so on.

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You simply need to create a link using a predefined URL scheme for the app in question.

A reasonably comprehensive database of URL schemes can be found on the Akosma wiki page.

The page above assumes linking from Cocoa-Touch controls. To link from within a UIWebView (i.e. from an html link) simply use the scheme they define in the stringWithURL: line.

EDIT: Just checked the above linked page and sadly they don't list schemes for Skype of Gtalk. Hopefully the link should give you some idea of what you're looking for though, and then you may be able to find the specific schemes you require after a bit of searching.

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For the Skype use an official links generator (the url itself might be found in the Copy & paste this code below)

Unoficial Skype and Gtalk url schemes might be found here

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Skyle URLs are relatively easy, in the format:


For google talk, according to this link, it should be something like:


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There is lists of openURL:

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