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I wish to create a diagram similar to VS.NET class diagram.

I have seen Sukram's article on, called DiagramDesigner.

But I have found this solution a little difficult to implement, I want the control with + and - buttons for expanding and collapsing.

Are there any vendors of a custom control similar to VS.NET Class diagram designer. Any ready solutions available?

Click of + the child nodes should expand. Click of - these nodes should minimize.

I have also seen Sacha Barber's spider tree control. But this too does not suit my requirement.

Pls help.

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Have you looked into VS built in diagramming engine. You would be able to create your own DSL to define how you want your diagram to look and interact. You would then use VS's built in code gereration tools to generate the code and XAML you want.

Check out this webcast if you want to see a demonstration.

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