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Ok, so I know that mustache templates don't have logic, but how do I implement this:

  if ($a || $b) {
    echo $c, $d, $e;

... using mustache template syntax? The best I can come up with is this:


... which is obviously hideous and requires me to duplicate anything inside the 'if'.

Any ideas?

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<jerk answer>use a templating engine with logic?</jerk answer>. Seriously thought have you tried using a function to implant the logic and putting the function into the template data object – tkone Mar 16 '12 at 12:33

Mustache expressly forbids things like this. That's logic, and you're trying to put it in your template :)

The appropriate way would be to move the logic to your ViewModel or View object:

class MyView {
    public $a;
    public $b;
    public function aOrB() {
        return $this->a || $this->b;

But if it were me, I'd name that function something like hasFoo or showBar, so it has a bit of semantic meaning.

Because you're handling the "should I show this block?" logic in your View or ViewModel, you're back to a normal section in your template:

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For the record, that is the only way to do it with mustache. As for now (mustache 5, I believe) there is no better solution.

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