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Since few month i'm learning to build applications in Fuse ESB.

Till today i was thinking, that camel doesn't have any webservices, and if i want to create some webservice which will do for me proxy server i have to use CXF.

CXF is working perfectly and i think, that it's great staff.

Today i found 'spring web service' on page http://camel.apache.org/spring-web-services.html

My question is:

When i'm building a webservice with cxf, there is a webservice, which i can find under :


if i would build something with spring web service it will also create for me some url on which i can send some data?

On apache website i found informations, that camel will consume data send to "example.com/GetFoo" address, but i don't exactly know if camel will create for me the GetFoo webservice, if yes sould i find it under:

http://localhost:8181/GetFoo ?

Thanks for help

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To expose a web service with Spring WS, read the section Exposing web services, which basically means you expose the web service the same way you would do with Spring WS. http://camel.apache.org/spring-web-services.html And then read from there.

Also check out the example that comes with Camel that shows how to exposes a Spring WS: http://camel.apache.org/spring-ws-example.html

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Just to build on top of Claus' answer a bit - Spring WS (and so Camel's support for Spring WS) requires a contract-first web service (eg a WSDL). If you're looking for something more RESTful, take a look at CXFRS (camel.apache.org/cxfrs.html) –  Roy Truelove Mar 16 '12 at 12:55
thanks for answer, @Roy - as a wrote in the begining, now i'm using cxf (CXFRS), and it's working greate, but i was thinking that camel doesn't have any webservices. Thanks again –  Ilkar Mar 16 '12 at 13:05
Apache CXF can do both WS and RS. The camel-cxf component supports both. –  Claus Ibsen Mar 20 '12 at 4:47

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