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I have an anchor tag <a> inside a <span> tag. I have applied CSS so that span looks like a button.

I am facing some issues:

  1. I cannot apply styles to anchor by applying style to span.
  2. The click is happening only on the anchor tag. I would like the click feature for the entire span tag.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Please add your code. –  kolin Mar 16 '12 at 12:34
What advantages does the <span> have that the <a> doesn't have? I mean, can't you just put everything in the <a> and dispense with the <span>? By the way, they're called elements, not tags. –  Mr Lister Mar 16 '12 at 12:36

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1) Add styles to the span, and also to the anchor inside the span:

#container span, #container span a {
    /* whatever */

2) You can't apply click events to a span tag without JavaScript. I suggest jQuery for ease:

$('#container').on('click', 'span', function() {
    // JavaScript functionality here
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Could you give any code example? If anchor is the only content of the span then you could just delete the span and apply the style directly to the anchor.

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A span is not "clickable" by default in the sense an anchor is, so either you will have to use JavaScript to make the span clickable. Or I guess you can apply a margin to you anchor, so that it "covers" the entire span - thus create the impression that the span element is clickable.

Not sure why you need the span though? I would probably get rid of the span all together and apply the span-styling to the anchor instead.

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If you put the span inside the a, then you should fix your target area issue. Plus anchor tags have some build in browser styles, so what why things like text-decoration are not passing grom span to a

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