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I am using Mongodb(c#) in my WPF App. I wrote query as

 var server = MongoServer.Create(this.connectionString);
        var db = server.GetDatabase(DATABASE);
        var loadRiskAlertTypeSettings = db.GetCollection(RISKALERTSETTINGS_TBL);
        var qry = Query.EQ("UserName", ConsoleMain.lblUname.Content.ToString());
        List<RiskAlertTypeSettings> userResult = loadRiskAlertTypeSettings.FindAs<RiskAlertTypeSettings>(qry).ToList<RiskAlertTypeSettings>();

But it did not showing ToList<> property in my current working window. I used above query in my App several times in different windows. But in my present window it did not showing?

I traced.But i did not find any solution.

Can any one guide me in that?

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I've tested your code and I don't see any problem for doing this:

var userResult = loadRiskAlertTypeSettings

The method ToList() is in System.Linq namespace, so check if you imports have included it.

using System.Linq;
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