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We are following 4-4-5 Fiscal Calendar for all our financial purpose. Based on the calendar and current date we need to generate certain reports. some like generate every first monday of fiscal month generate report , given a date find out which fiscal week/month it likes something.

is there any library available to model this calendar. something like.

FiscalCalendar fc = new FiscalCalendar(FiscalCalendar.445);
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The Time Period Library for .NET supports the 4-4-5 Fiscal Calendar:

// ----------------------------------------------------------------------
public void FiscalYearLastDay()
  ITimeCalendar calendar = new TimeCalendar( new TimeCalendarConfig
    YearType = YearType.FiscalYear,
    YearBaseMonth = YearMonth.September,
    FiscalFirstDayOfYear = DayOfWeek.Sunday,
    FiscalYearAlignment = FiscalYearAlignment.LastDay,
    FiscalQuarterGrouping = FiscalQuarterGrouping.FourFourFiveWeeks
  } );

  Years years = new Years( 2005, 14, calendar );
  foreach ( Year year in years.GetYears() )
    Console.WriteLine( "Fiscal year {0}: {1} - {2}", year.YearValue,
      year.Start.ToString( "yyyy-MM-dd" ), year.End.ToString( "yyyy-MM-dd" ) );
} // FiscalYearLastDay
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