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I'm using the @Valid annotation to perform validations after a form submit. (Spring MVC 3.1 & the JSR 303 implementation is Hibernate Validator)

Error messages are then displayed in the page based on these validations.

The problem is that I need to control how these messages are displayed (in other words, in which order they are displayed). I want them to appear in the same order as the fields appear in my page.

I know it can be done by using groups, but it seems like a patch to me. Groups don't seem to be meant for that... but maybe I'm wrong?!? And also, I don't want to define a group (a new interface) for each property of my bean... it needs to be simpler than that...

So, my question ... is there a proper way to set the order in which validations will be performed?


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This is just a display issue. Why is the order so important? –  atrain Mar 18 '12 at 14:56
Aaron, when I looked into this the order was important because using the @Valid annotation would return an error for the first arbitrary validation failure the validator encountered. Only getting one error at a time, I wanted the client to display error messages in a predictable order. Imagine a series of form inputs that the user fills out sequentially down the page--it would be strange if the fields were highlighted with errors or tooltips in a random fashion, instead of one after the other down the page, for example. –  tnunamak Mar 20 '12 at 5:30

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There is no proper way... groups are the closest thing to a standard approach, unfortunately. Hopefully this will change soon!

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You can use spring form:errors tag in you jsp:

<form:errors path="varName" />
<form:input path="varName" cssClass="small" disabled="${isFormDisabled}"/>
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