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I am using Dojo Toolkit and I want my Dojo application to work with keyboard shortcuts.

I have implemented Dojo keyboard shortcuts by using following snippet

var name="Factory"
var myTabContainer = dijit.byId("contentTab");
var tempid = "contentTab_tablist_" + name;
var tab = dijit.byId(tempid);

dojo.connect(tab, "onkeypress", function(e){
        case 'h':
            alert('hi dojo h');
            return false;
        case  'j':
            alert('hi dojo j');
            return false;
        default :
            return false;

Using the above piece of code, Dojo shortcut works for very initial time only.

I mean that the shortcut will only work until no mouse key is pressed. but once mouse click is fired... then Dojo shortcut stops working.

Passing through huge bizarre

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you have syntax errors, and you obviously haven't used a console to check the error messages you get. – joakimdahlstrom Mar 16 '12 at 15:24

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