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I have a project that contains xml files. I also have an Ant build in that project to generate documentation based on the xml files. The Ant build calls a Ruby script for generation.

I would like a way run that Ant build after the modification of any resource in the "{project}/xml" folder. I know that I can right click on the build.xml and Run As->Ant Build, but I want it to be more like the incremental build for Java projects. I have tried creating a builder, importing the Ant build and setting up relevant resources, but when I make a change to the XML file, a build does not start. I have "Build Automatically" checked for the project as well.

This must be possible. What am I missing?

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A custom builder will only run when a file is saved that is in a source directory. Make sure the /xml folder is included as a source location in the Project Properties, Java Build Path.

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Looks like that was my problem. I figured setting it as a "relevant resource" would have done it. Thanks! – frenziedherring Apr 13 '12 at 17:58

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