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I need to install linux from existing VMware VMDK on EC2. For first time I can do this manually, later I will need to do this in automated way.

Could you please help me with link to relevant documentation. Also any tips and experiences are welcome.

Why do I need this? At my company developers and QA are running our PHP apps on a virtual machine hosted on local machine. We want to move these virtual machines to the cloud, so each developer can easily set up a sandbox in simple web interface.

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Follow the instructions of creating your own AMI. Also check out the following articles on EBS volumes: article1, article2. Here's some steps on how to create EBS-backed AMI instance.

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You will have to manually create your own images. The ec2 api tools do not support linux/esxi 5 images. I just found out after spending 2 hours on a vmware linux to amazon port.

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Amazon does not officially support importing Linux. However, an article from 2008 claims it can be done. If you try this, note this URL as well.

Finally, an AWS employee posted this too:

You can use ec2-import-volume to turn a local disk in a RAW, VMDK or VHD file format into an EBS volume in EC2. This turns a full disk, with MBR, into an EBS disk. If the guest is PV, with the Xen PV drivers installed, you could take a snapshot and create an AMI from that snapshot, inserting the correct AKI.

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