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Querying geospatial data in mongodb looks straight forward enough through the shell script, however, I'm trying to replicate some code in morphia (playmorphia).

Get all points within a certain radius, docs say:

> center = [50, 50]
> radius = 10
> db.places.find({"loc" : {"$within" : {"$center" : [center, radius]}}})

Here's my code in my Peak model:

Double[] loc = new Double(2);
// it's set to my [Longitude, Latitude]

List<Peak> peaks = play.modules.morphia.Model.ds().find(Peak.class).field("loc").near(loc[0], loc[1], 10/111.12).limit(50).asList();

It works but am I doing something wrong by using the ds().find()? Is there a more elegant way to do this using the model e.g. Peak.find..? Thanks!

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You need to put indexes on geo fields.

Sample code from my project:

public Double[] geo = new Double[2];

List<User> pharmacist = MorphiaQuery.ds()
.within(nelat, nelng, swlat, swlng)
.near(u.geo[0], u.geo[1])

Check the manual:

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Thanks for that. I did not realize it was in the utils import; – zenoexo Mar 31 '12 at 1:34
Previously, I did manually index this field through mongodb shell, which is why it worked in the first place. Marking your answer correct because it can help others. – zenoexo Mar 31 '12 at 13:51
The manual is now located here – nostromo Sep 19 '13 at 1:23

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