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Is there any way to reference a custom javascript function from BEML? I'd like to keep away from Flash since what ever I do needs to work in the HTML5 player as well.

  <Layout width="800" height="600" id="backgroundTemplate">
      <VideoDisplay id="videoPlayer" width="788" height="487" x="9" y="13"/>
      <MediaControls x="5" y="509" width="791" height="87" id="mediaControls">
          <Canvas height="25" padding="20">
            <Playhead mediaController="{videoPlayer}" autohideSlider="false" useTimeToolTip="true"/>
          <HBox padding="10">
            <HBox id="leftBtn_container" hAlign="left">
              <ToggleButton id="playButton" width="60" height="60" x="0" y="0" showBack="true" click="{videoPlayer.play()}" toggledClick="{videoPlayer.pause()}" toggled="{videoPlayer.playing}"/>
            <HBox id="rightBtn_container" hAlign="right">

               <Button width="60" height="60" id="cite_btn" click="{someFunction.doSomething()}"/>

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You would need to create a custom component.Creating Custom Player Components

Call custom component in BEML.

        <Module file="http://urltocustomcomponent.com/my_component.swf" />

Button in BEML

<ToggleButton id="my_button" width="40" height="40" />

Actionscript for custom component.


    import com.brightcove.api.APIModules;
    import com.brightcove.api.BrightcoveModuleWrapper
    import com.brightcove.api.CustomModule;
    import com.brightcove.api.modules.ExperienceModule;
    import com.brightcove.api.events.BEMLMouseEvent;
    import flash.events.Event;
    import flash.external.ExternalInterface;
    import com.brightcove.api.components.Button;

    public class yogaComponent extends CustomModule

        override protected function initialize():void

            // Get the experience module
            var experienceModule:ExperienceModule = player.getModule(APIModules.EXPERIENCE) as ExperienceModule;

            // Define Info Button
            var button:Button = experienceModule.getElementByID("my_button") as Button;

            // Our listener that calls the function
            button.addEventListener(BEMLMouseEvent.CLICK, myCustomFunc);


        // Custom Function
        private function myCustomFunc(event:Event):void

                // this calls a javascript function in your html


Javascript function that is called on event click.

function myJavascriptAlertFunction()
alert('it works!');
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Thanks, the problem is that i can not use a swf. I need these buttons to still be available and functional on an iPad. –  abritez Sep 21 '12 at 15:34

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