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I want to submit multiple forms with one submit button. I have multiple forms because each p:fileUpload needs an own form (when in advanced mode).

Here's the code for my submit button:

<h:form id="form1">...</h:form>
<h:form id="form2">...</h:form>
    <p:commandButton value="Save" widgetVar="saveButtonBottom"
    action="#{bean.submit}" ajax="false"
    process=":form1,:form2,@this" />

It does call bean.submit(), but it does not process the other forms. Maybe my understanding of processing is wrong, but I thought if I put a form into "process", then it will be submitted.

Any idea how to make it work?

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That's the limitation of HTML. Only the input data containing within the current form (wherein the command is been invoked) will be sent to the server side. As to the process attribute, that only identifies which part(s) of that submitted data must be processed by JSF after they have arrived.

Any idea how to make it work?

Put all related data in the same form. Use if necessary just a single <p:fileUpload> with multiple file selection support.

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I have one file upload field with single, and one with multiple file selection support. They're for different purposes, so I cannot merge them. –  Earthnail Mar 16 '12 at 16:55
This is the limitation of plain HTML, but it's not the limitation of JavaScript. Why is it affecting JSF 2? Will there ever be full-AJAX JSF 3, to keep up with modern world? –  Lukasz Feb 25 '13 at 15:45

Place this inside form2:

<p:remoteCommand name="sendAjaxicalPGfilter"
action="#{OptimizationSettingsBean.handleProductGroupChange}"  />

call this on form1 command button

<p:commandButton value="Done"
oncomplete="selectedSettingDlg.hide();" onstart="sendAjaxicalPGfilter();"
ajax="true" action="#{CreateSourcingPlanBean.dummy}" 
                            update=":form1:assignmentList" >
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Thank you, I just saw your answer now. I will try both yours and rootkit's answer next week, and tell you what worked (the project was active last summer, so I have to find time to get back to it first). From what I understand, both answers are rather similar, only that you suggest using a remoteCommand instead of triggering a button submit. –  Earthnail Feb 22 '13 at 23:13

As BalusC correctly pointed out you can only submit one form in one request. However, you can invoke multiple requests with one button click:

<p:commandButton value="Save" widgetVar="saveButtonBottom"
    action="#{bean.submit}" ajax="false" onstart="form1submitbutton.getJQ().click();form2submitbutton.getJQ().click()"
    process="@form" />

You have to realize this will result in multiple simultaneous requests being processed by your server, and there are no guarantees as to request processing order. This can make validation and backend data processing tricky. You could try to work around that by using oncomplete handler and fire form submissions in sequence this way, but still this means your forms data will be sent to the server one-by-one.

Also, the above approach will only work if your forms are submitted via ajax.

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Thanks rootkit, I really appreciate that you answer this question even though it is already 9 months old. Am I right that while I cannot predict the order of the processing, they will at least be processed in some sequential order and not parallel to each other? –  Earthnail Feb 22 '13 at 23:11
Depends. If you use the sample code above it will be simultaneous. If you use oncomplete handler then you can do it in sequential order. –  rootkit Feb 23 '13 at 14:38

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