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I have a user registration form using PHP & MySQL & jQuery. What is the best way to limit user input to 120 chars.

1st) Using a field type like VARCHAR with 120 chars (length) and let the MySQL do the "dirty" job.
2nd) Using PHP substr.
or sth else...

Always having in mind:

1) Performance - Resources usage
2) Efficient
3) Safety - Vulnerabilities

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For user comprehension : Limit in the GUI

For safety from data you receive : Limit in Php.

For safety from other programmers : Limit in SQL

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Limit in GUI can be done with the (non-standard, but fully functional) maxlength-attribute. –  powerbuoy Mar 16 '12 at 14:20
For user friendliness, have PHP issue a warning if somehow >120 chars are submitted, to let the user know that their data's being truncated. –  Marc B Mar 16 '12 at 14:35


  • limit the field in HTML/PHP
  • limit the size of the field/column in MySQL
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1) Maxlength on imput field 2) Validation with JS 3) Validation with PHP

If size is over 120 return error. Store only if text length is correct.

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