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With the help of Google App Engine Api, I have developed send Email in my application

It was executing fine with no errors, status code is 200 its showing, But I am not able to seen the E-mail (which I mentioned in code)

But in my Development server with help of --smtp_port=25 \ --smtp_user=ajohnson --smtp_password=k1tt3ns myapp I can able to execute, while upload into, we can't able to mentioned details of host name... etc. details.

any one tell me how can solve my issue , where I can mention my host details (other than development server) while upload the code into,

In my development server I have used host has gmail and user name and password is my gmail account details

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You don't need to supply hostname details - email on App Engine uses the email API, which uses Google's own mail servers.

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Thanks Johnson... it was working – SKSK Jun 10 '09 at 10:37

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