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I work on a java app that creates and keeps track of various events and these events are to be published in the person's calendar.
The application sends messsages in iCalendar format via email (iTIP/iMIP, not calDav), more precisely I intend to send a PUBLISH event. The thing is, we use Zimbra and every user may have multiple calendars created. But I think its not important whether we use Zimbra or Outlook, I believe it is common feature to allow users having multiple calendars.

And the question is: I wonder is it possible to specify (in the iCalendar/iTIP/iMIP msg) which calendar the event should be displayed in? Currently it's the 'primary' calendar.

I have walked through all relating rfc's (5545, 5546, 6047), but havent found the answer. Google hasn't helped neither.

Thanks for any ideas.

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By analogy with calendar subscribing which differentiates the different calendar the user has subscribed by their filename/url, you should try giving the calendar a file name using the "Content-Disposition" property in your MIME message (see rfc2447 §2.6).

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I've tried that, but unfortunatelly Content-Disposition does not seem to work as I need (at least not in Zimbra). But thanks for trying. –  jan b Mar 22 '12 at 9:06
have you tried adding the property x-wr-calname ? –  oberron Nov 8 '12 at 19:44

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