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I am tyring to automate our SIM based airtime loading facilities by using good-ol' AT commands to acccess the Sim Toolkit application in our SIMs, My question is regarding the AT Command STGR command type = 2 (get Inkey). In the final dialogue in the Sim toolkit app, there is a choice between OK or Cancel, How do I tell the SIM that the user pressed the "OK" key.

I have tried to following to no success


The documentation for my moden (sierra gl6110) says that : For a GET INKEY with format set to "Yes/No", the data shall contain: the value"y" when the answer is "positive", the value "n" when the answer is"negative".

If anybody could help out It would be greatly appreciated.

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Try AT+STGR=1 It is a best way for confirmation.

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