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Currently I am trying to upload an image to Google Docs from my android application. Am using simple http request for this purpose.

Am doing this using HttpRequestFactory. Following is a code pseudo of my code.

    // Creates the Request factory with following header information
    headers.gdataVersion = "3";
    headers.setApplicationName("my Sample App");
    request.enableGZipContent = true;
    headers.contentType = "image/jpeg";

     HttpRequestFactory httpRequestFactory =  createRequestFactory(transport,  title);

     InputStreamContent content = new InputStreamContent();
     File file = new File("mnt/sdcard/mypic.jpeg");
     content.type = "image/jpeg";

     HttpRequest request = httpRequestFactory.buildPostRequest("https://docs.google.com/feeds/private/full", content);

     HttpResponse response = request.execute();

I have set the content type of the header in httpRequestFactory and content as "image/jpeg".

The problem is that, I am not able to upload the image to google docs. I am getting 401 : Bad request exception.

But the same works for an Excel file when the content type is set as "application/vnd.ms-excel".

Could any one help to sort out this issue.

Thanks in Advance

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I faced similar issues while uploading images and that's when I realize that life was easy with Microsoft apps. N now planning to revert back to it, meanwhile there are many tools which are entering the market such as CollateBox http://www.collatebox.com/, Smartsheets. I would be happy oif they come out with these features initially..

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