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I have the following code to build PDF document with Prawn:


items += @mandates.each.map do |mandate|


@mandates is sorted by fte_employee_id and fte_by period_end_date

I want to insert totals lines per employe for fte_sum_of_hours and fte_sum_of_ftes when pass throw next employee.

What command permits me to insert these lines with Prawn?

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I believe @mandates has no bearing on the question you're asking. Are we to assume you're attempting to build a table? If so, what does the rest of your code look like? –  Tass Jan 30 '14 at 17:00

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Pass them in the array that you are displaying the total from - in Ruby, calculate for each section of elements, the total. Don't do the work in Prawn (it's not Excel).

data = [["product 1: ","$10.00"],["product 2: ", "$20.00"],["Subtotal:","$30.00]]

For example. Then you can format the table with consideration to row 3, the subtotal, with cell styles.

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