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I want to check in a directory and all the sub-directories into the clear case. Is there a specific command to achieve it? Currently I am going into each directory and manually checking in each file.

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I would recommend this question:

Now the problem is to checkin everything that has changed.
It is problematic since often not everything has changed, and ClearCase will trigger an error message when trying to check in an identical file. Meaning you will need 2 commands:

ct lsco -r -cvi -fmt "ci -nc \"%n\"\n" | ct
ct lsco -r -cvi -fmt "unco -rm %n\n" | ct

(with 'ct being 'cleartool' : type 'doskey ct=cleartool $*' on Windows to set that alias)

But if by "checkin" you mean:

  • "enter into source control for the first time"
  • "updating a large number of files which may have changed on an existing versionned directory"

I would recommend creating a dynamic view and clearfsimport your snapshot tree (with the new files) in the dynamic view.

See this question or this question.

the clearfsimport script is better equipped to import multiple times the same set of files, and automatically:

  • add new files,
  • make new version of existing files previously imported (but modified in the source set of files re-imported)
  • remove files already imported but no longer present in the source set of files.
  • make a clear log of all operations made during the import process.


 clearfsimport -preview -rec -nset c:\sourceDir\* m:\MyView\MyVob\MyDestinationDirectory
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I keep googling this answer and every time I forget to change the escape characters. In Linux the commands are [ct lsco -r -cvi -fmt "ci -nc "%n"\n" | ct] and [ct lsco -r -cvi -fmt "unco -rm "%n"\n" | ct] –  Jordan Bentley Oct 16 '11 at 7:02
@JordanBentley are you sure you cannot escape double quotes within double quotes? I would understand if the ci or unco commands were within simple quotes (in which case the double quotes aren't immediately interpreted by the shell) –  VonC Oct 16 '11 at 7:24
Ah, I should have mentioned that I was using the c-shell, which handles double quotes differently. –  Jordan Bentley Oct 16 '11 at 10:18

did you used -recurse option in the clearfsimport command. Example: clearfsimport -recurse source_dir .

This should help. If you're using the Windows client, right-click on the parent folder, select Search, leave the file name field empty, click Search, select all the files in the result window (ctrl-A), right-click on them and select ClearCase -> Add to Source Control

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If you are in windows you may try,

for /f "usebackq" %i in (`cleartool lsco -cview -me -r -s`) do cleartool ci -nc %i
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